Scarves - How to tie them with flair - 15 Scarves in 15 Styles!

So you have purchased your scarves or found a few great pieces that you have bought over the years. Next step is to throw out or gift all those that you either never wear or were given that aren't quite your colour or style.

Now is the time to learn to wear your scarves like a model. We all want to look "Scarf Savvy" but it is very easy to look uncomfortable or dishevelled if we dont have a few style tips up our sleeves!

Looking for inspiration on how you could tie your scarf in a different way? Get confident in how you accessorise with this classic tried and tested fashion staple from our 15 scarves  15 styles sheet of ideas. Print this sheet out and have it in your closet to help you when you are dressing and accessorising every day. Before long a few of your favourite scarves ties will become second nature.

Some of our favourites include the Double European knot which adds an extra bit of sophistication to the much -loved European classic.

The Western or Bib tie is also very contemporary and creates a fun casual look whilst keeping your neck and face covered and nice and warm.

And lastly we are a big fan of versatility from your scarves so to be able to create a short neck tie from a large scarf using the Knot Twist technique holds huge value. With a bit of practise you should be able to make a scarf tied to the handle of your bag double as a useful  and transformative tool from day to night! Who'd have thought?!

We also have more than 30 scarf styling options on the "How to tie your scarf "videos which you can view on the front page of the website. Learn and practise with these online tools, made for your convenience.


15 Scarves 15 styles