Creating Scarves Australia

I have always loved scarves and growing up in Europe, they were indeed a necessity for much of the year! Here in Australia this simple accessory has become just as popular as an all year round theme. Just a bit lighter on the weight from time to time, but that is selfiewhere our love of silk comes in!

There is something about a simple and well put-together swathe of colourful fabric draped around the upper body that can transform an outfit. As well as providing warmth and comfort in cooler weather, a scarf adds colour and texture and interest to your look. Your choice of colour, texture and shape make a statement about your individual style. You can be understated and subtle one day, then go loud bold and “out there” the next! All with this simple and cost- effective tool – the Scarf.

For many years, my first business Smiling Inside has offered its followers a unique and beautiful range of quality scarves. I have always felt that wrapped in one of my scarves, you would feel loved and nurtured and connected to colour. And of course look beautiful. 

As I travelled to many countries around the world to source suppliers and to ensure quality and distinctiveness, the demand for Smiling Inside scarves has grown, and so I decided it was time to create a separate channel of distribution online setting them apart from the Smiling Inside business and expanding access across our very large country. Thus Scarves Australia by Smiling Inside was born.

I stand by the quality and beauty of each and every piece, and hope you enjoy the styles, colours and fabrics  which I have personally sourced from around the world. In addition we have put together 2 videos to address the biggest and all-important issue of “How to Tie your Scarf” which is the one thing I am always asked to demonstrate wherever I go! Have a go and practise your favourite ties. Just 3 ways of knotting your scarf can be very valuable and greatly impacts your presentation.

Enjoy your time browsing and shopping at this new online “destination”. Take advantage of the wonderful specials on offer, and please send feedback, (good or bad) so that I know how well we are serving you!

Wrapping Up for now! Happy Shopping!

Sara White


Scarves Australia