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Red Scarf - Aztec Print

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Red Scarf Aztec Print

Attractive red scarf with clay and blue grey background on geometric Aztec print. Short length. Light weigh. Suited to all scarf ties  and also head, hair or neck tie. Perfect cheer-me-up for Winter! 

Wear Red when you seek ; RED - PASSION - DRIVE - VITALITY

Red carries a lot of strength and is great for accessing courage and resilience when you are feeling like you need that extra bit of oomph! A red scarf will give you instant lift, no wonder they are so popular in the winter months to offset the low key blacks and greys!

Material ; Cotton Viscose

170cm x 68cm



My Silk Kimono in Grey - Pure silk seduction and so elegant -  I love it!

Christine Boulton WA

Scarves! Love Love Love my new Scarves - Quality, Colour and Texture

Linda Maxfield, Bridgetown, WA