Wholesale Scarves - Orders are welcome at Scarves Australia

 Thank you for including Scarves Australia in your search for scarves at a wholesale price.

Wholesale orders are welcome if your business or not-for-profit organisation is looking for high quality affordable scarves at a discounted price to on-sell to your customer base.

There is an online wholesale application process which is easy and fast.

Approved customers can purchase scarves pashminas and any fashion accessories from Scarves Australia at a 50% discount on the RRP. To qualify for this discount, we require a minimum order value of $500 w/s. 

Please note, we can only accept retail buyers from within Australia and New Zealand.There is also a standard postage and delivery fee for all wholesale orders of $30 per order.

We currently have a range of wholesale customers all over Western Australia including Darlington, Maylands, Fremantle, Albany, Bridgetown, Dunsborough, and Helena Valley, as well as country NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. A list of stockists is available.

Whilst wholesale is not our core business focus, we are happy to supply the needs of smaller shops and businesses that do not require large quantities of stock on hand. 

Excellent customer service is guaranteed and we will  source particular colours and designs, patterns and fabrics for customers who have specific individual requirements.


Doing business with Scarves Australia as a wholesale customer will be efficient and simple. We look forward to building a good long term relationship with all our wholesale clients. 

Contact us or call Sara White on M 0411544943 should you have any further queries.