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  0411 544 943     

Book a Scarf Party (WA)

Scarf and Colour Workshops and Events are scheduled ongoingly throughout the year and you can see the dates, times and locations currently in place by clicking on EVENTS.

You may however wish to organise a group and create your own home or work-based workshop facilitated by  our fun, charismatic and expert presenter Sara White. This is easily done by contacting us through the contact page of this site or calling her  M 0411 544 943

To give you an idea of the style and content of the workshops on offer, some basic outlines are given below;


Scarf Inspiration

3 HOURS including 2 short 10 minute breaks

$30 per head  

Hostess to provide suitable light refreshment for her guests. Max 20 people.

Product Super Specials will be available on the day/night!

Part 1  About the Scarf

  • Find out the background of the humble scarf and learn more than 15 different ways to work it.
  • About Colour
  • Receive ideas on colour, energy and its subtle powers together with insights and possibilities for your everyday life.
  • Break

Part 2  Scarf Inspiration

  • Learn more than 15 different ways to style and work the humble swathe of fabric - the scarf.
  • My Scarf and I 
  • Become an Expert by practicing the different scarf styling techniques with other members of the group.
  • Break

Part 3  Shop and Style 

  • Take some time to select , try and buy colourful scarves and accessories from the Smiling Inside Collection.



Scarf it Up with Colour!

3 HOURS including 2 short 10 minute breaks

$30 per head

Hostess will receive her choice of Scarves Australia merchandise to the value of $99.

Hostess to provide suitable light refreshment for her guests. 

Product Super Specials will be available on the day/night!

Part 1 Colour Confidence

  • Learn about colour and energy and its impact on your emotional wellbeing. We reveal a taster of the seasonal and tonal colour systems and how to use colour as a tool to give your look the wow factor as well as gain greater confidence,  balance and harmony in your communication of who you are. Colour uplifts and inspires us to feel our best!

Part 2   Accessorising with Scarves

  • Working Up your colour choices using the beautiful Scarves Australia pieces available so that you look and feel amazing from the inside out!
  • Break

Part 3   Shop and Create

  • Shop if you wish from the fabulous range of magnificent colours textures and styles. Use what you have learned to balance and create your look with help from the experts! 


"A scarf, also known as a Kremer, muffler or neck wrap, is a piece of fabric worn around the neck, near the head or around the waist for warmth, cleanliness, fashion or religious reasons. They can come in a variety of different colours"

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